Here, are the best Top 10 Dice media web series to watch with family friends. we know the Indian web series industry is growing and web series demand is also growing today we talk about the best web series of dice media. this list of the web series is made on the basis of its IMDB rating and its content. don’t miss any of the web series because all the web series are a must-watch for you.

Top dice media web series

Little Things

IMDB Rating:- 8.3

Platform:- Dice media

This is a must-watch web series. A cohabitating couple in their 20s navigates the ups and downs of work, modern-day relationships, and finding themselves in contemporary Mumbai.

Are Little things worth watching? It’s just a perfect show. ‘Little things’ is one of the most realistic series about love and life. Lead actors Mithila Palker and Dhruv Sehgal play characters, you fall in love with. The acting and the dialogues are so fresh that it comes as a surprise how purely they relate.

Is there gonna be little things in -Season 4?

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Little Things’ Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar discuss the final season. Little Things’ Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar talk to Hindustan Times about their show. The Netflix show wraps up this year with its fourth season. With its final season, Little Things had the challenging task of wrapping it all up


IMDB Rating:- 6.5

Platform:- Dice

#Adulting is an American comedy-drama web series created by and starring Ben Baur and Thandi Tolman. It follows two friends, Max and Faye, who are nearing 30 and have yet to put their lives in order. Adulting stars Aisha Ahmed and Yashaswini Dayama in pivotal roles. Dice Media’s new web series titled Adulting is the story of two 20-something. this is the best web series for those who like adult web series to watch.

What the floks

IMDB Rating:- 8.2

Platform:- Dice Media

Anita and Nikhil, a newly married couple, struggle with familial responsibilities while dealing with their personal lives. Three seasons have come so far of this series. 5 episodes in the first season and 6 episodes in the second season were made. In Season 3, 4 episodes have been aired so far. Watch What The Folks Serial All Latest Episodes and Videos Online on MX Player. ‘What The Folks’ is a journey of how modern families are breaking stereotypes, overcoming generation gaps, and growing to love one another, despite having starkly different world views.

Girlfriend Chor

IMDB Rating- 8.3

Platform:- Dice

Writer-director Girish Jotwani’s rom-com is enjoyable, if only because it doesn’t pretend to be anything more than an easy, breezy watch. Put simply, it is about a social oddball whose Daddy Cool takes it on himself to put the son’s love life on track. … That’s where Akash’s dad (Shishir Sharma) comes up with a plan. Now, the wait is for Girlfriend Chor season 2, however, the release date hasn’t been announced by the streaming site but it assumes that the second season of the show might get its release date in the initial or mid-2021.


IMDB Rating:- 6.6

Platform:- Dice

Clutch is a Canadian crime/thriller web series created by Jonathan Robbins. It premiered on Vimeo in May 2011 but has since found a home on other broadcast sites such as Koldcast TV, Blip, and JTS.TV. The webisodes are also available via DVD and special, purchasable USB keys. Clutch: Created by Jonathan Robbins. With Matthew Carvery, Jeff Sinasac, Peter Hodgins, Elitsa Bako. Tough, street smart, and resourceful pickpocket Kylie  Clutch is an Esports drama that follows the lives of Arun, Adil, Prachi, Raunak, and Jeetu as they navigate the world of gaming in India.

Operation MBBS

IMDB Rating:- 8.9

Platform:- Dice

First-year MBBS students face bullies, personal issues and several other ups and downs in their quest to earn a medical degree. The first episode of the second season of Operation MBBS premiered on March 15. It was dropped on the YouTube channel of Dice Media. The plot of the second season will revolve around the challenges Nishant, Huma and Sakshi will have to face as the country grapples with the pandemic.

MX PlayerWatch Operation MBBS Serial All Latest Episodes and Videos Online on MX Player.

There is a total of 5 episodes in Season 1 of Dice Media Web series Operation MBBS, all are released on the youtube channel on Dice Media.

Operation MBBS Season 1 All Episodes :

Episode No.TitleYoutube Link
Episode 5RecoveryWatch On Youtube


IMDB Rating:- 7.8

Platform:- Dice

The bros face a tough situation as Pranay’s life plans take an unexpected turn. Join … The bros face a tough situation as Pranay’s life plans take an unexpected. Watch Brochara All Episodes Online – Catch Quality Streaming of all Brochara Dice Media Videos and Clips for Free on MX Player. don’t miss any of them this is the best web series I like this web series is must watch for adults this web series will inspire you to make so good work in your life don’t miss this web series I’m saying you last time.

Please Find Attached

IMDB Rating:- 8.4

Platform:- Dice

Picking up from the first season of Please Find Attached, which introduced audiences to Shaurya (Ayush Mehra) and Sanya (Barkha Singh),. this is the best web series “Please find enclosed” is the exact same as “please find attached.” The only difference is the last word. Some writers might stress that nothing. Please Find Attached: With Ayush Mehra, Barkha Singh, Vaibhavi Upadhyay, Aditya Pandey. Two office colleagues decide to be flatmates. ok bye guys I hope you like my content if you like it then subscribe to my youtube channel name is BraveBhai. The Indian webspace has a new addition that promises to add some color at the end of your long day. The story is about two young advertising professionals, .


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