Here, is the best 10 top dice media web series to watch with friends and with your family. these all the web series are best to watch because the content of all the web series is must watch. don’t miss any of the web series from the list. there are only 10 web series. this list of the web series is made on the basis of its IMDB Rating and the content of the web series. dice media is also the best platform to watch web series.

Little things

IMDB Rating:- 8.3

Platform:- Netflix , Dice media

A cohabitating couple in their 20s navigates the ups and downs of work, modern-day relationships, and finding themselves in contemporary Mumbai. It’s just a perfect show. ‘Little things’ is one of the most realistic series about love and life. Lead actors Mithila Palker and Dhruv Sehgal play characters, you fall in love with. … It is really a beautiful feel-good series, All Stress will be relieved after watching the story of Dhruv and Kavya. Netflix later purchased the franchise and its second season and third, was premiered on 5 October 2018 and 9 November 2019. The fourth and final season was released on 15 October 2021.


IMDB Rating:- 6.5

Platform:- Dice Media

#Adulting is an American comedy-drama web series created by and starring Ben Baur and Thandi Tolman. It follows two friends, Max and Faye, who are nearing 30 and have yet to put their lives in order. Adulting is the story of Ray (Yashaswini Dayama) and Nikhat (Aisha Ahmed) who are sharing an apartment in Mumbai and hustling through adulthood. Each of the four episodes looks at these two millennials going through an issue typical of their time and age that they will soon find out is a non-issue. I love this web series so much.

What The Folks

IMDB Rating:- 8.2

Platform:- Dice

Anita and Nikhil, a newly married couple, struggle with familial responsibilities while dealing with their personal lives. In the heat of the moment, Shreya reveals her decision to end the marriage, leaving everyone, particularly Jason, shocked and numb. The sixth episode will see the entire family coming together to deal with the changing equations between Shreya and Jason, and taking some difficult decisions for everyone. What The Folks’ is a journey of how modern families are breaking stereotypes, overcoming generation gaps, and growing to love one another, despite having starkly different world views.

Please Find Attached

IMDB Rating:- 8.5

Platform:- Dice media

Two office colleagues decide to be flatmates. Then eventually fall in love with each other. Then eventually fall in love with each other. …

What is the story of Please find attached? Two young millennials are trying to find the right balance between their work and personal lives in suburban Mumbai. Come on a journey with them as they constantly struggle to find the right work-life balance.

Where can I watch the Dice media web series?Watch it on Youtube don’t miss this web series this is the best Dice media web series.


IMDB Rating:- 7.8

Platform:- Dice

The bros face a tough situation as Pranay’s life plans take an unexpected turn. Join Dhiren, Kanan, Shivashish, and Pranay as they navigate through life with a little Brochara. The bros face a tough situation as Pranay’s life plans take an unexpected turn. don’t miss this web series this is the best web series I like this web series I have watched this web series is must watch for adults.

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