Best top 10 Tamil dubbed movie.

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here we have a Tamil dubbed movies list and a solution of how to download it. The movies in this list are all-time best and available on many free platforms. If you want to download it then read the article link in the footer.

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Tamil dubbed movies list

1. Taxiwala

Platform:- Youtube

IMDB Rating:- 7.0

trailer in Tamil but movie in Hindi dubbed on youtube

Taxiwala is a comedy horror movie. Hindi dubbed name super taxi. this movie is based on a taxi. taxi reacts as Horror vibes come from inside the taxi. I think you have not watched this movie if you have watched it in past then comment yes but now come in the present you can watch it from many platforms and if you like comedy horror movies then this movie is best for you IMDB Rating of this web series is very good and it is available on youtube and many other platforms.

2. U-Turn

Platform:- Youtube, T.V

IMDB Rating:- 7.0

U-Turn is a suspense and horror movie. I think you have watched this movie because it has paper many times on T.V Set max. this movie is based on murder because of a Car u-turn. I personally recommend this movie to you because dubbing and the concept of this web movie is best and It comes with good IMDB Ratings and it is available on Youtube and many movies platforms.

3. Game Over

Platform:- Youtube


Game Over Tamil thriller horror movie. this movie will refresh your mind I can say this movie has real content. really it is a great movie and one of the HIT movies and story of the is best and this is full of thriller and entertainment you can watch movie trailer which is upon the paragraph and it is a family movie list all movies are family movies.

4. Kuttrame Thandanai

Platform:- Youtube

IMDB Rating:- 7.7

Kuttrame Thandanai is the best suspense thriller movie it is based on the story of a girl murder the murder case is suspense and this is best suspense movie because of the story of murder and during watching the movie you can say this real suspense movie. if you like suspense movies u-turn and this movie is best for you and It comes with an Excellent IMDB Rating and it is available on Youtube.

5. Goodachari

Platform:- Youtube

IMDB Rating:- 7.8

Goodachari it’s my one of my favorite is a High-quality movie full of entertainment suspense, thriller, comedy movie and the story of the movie is good and Goodachari mostly seans contain murder, crime, gunfight but the story of the movie is the best and It comes with excellent IMDB Rating and it is available on Youtube and many other platforms.

6. Angamaly Diaries

Platform:- Youtube

IMDB Ratings:- 8.0

Angamay Diaries is a crime drama in the Tamil web series. after watching the trailer you can know the story of the movie it is not a family movie because of the concept of the movie and it is also the most popular movie in the south and many peoples liked this web series and many disliked because of story and crime it comes with good IMDB Rating and it is available on many movies Platforms also in Youtube.

7. Soodhu Kavuum

Platform:- Youtube

IMDB Rating:- 8.3

Watch Soodhu Kavvum Movie Online for Free Anytime | Soodhu Kavvum 2013 - MX  Player

Soodhu kavuum is a crime movie. Hindi version of the greater Gambler. it is full of comedy movies and the kidnaping planning part is super funny and I personally recommend this movie you should watch this movie with your family if you are in stress because the funny part of the movie is fantastic and it will fresh your mind and you will confident and it will inspire you and it comes with good IMDB Rating and it is available on Youtube and many other platforms on youtube it is free.


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